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This blog is all about the great range of Ice Cream in Japan including ice cream recipes to make at home. Ever wanted to make Ice Cream Mochi? I'll show you how!

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Jul 07

Six Flavour Japanese Ice Cream

Six Flavour Japanese Ice Cream.I think I have posted about one of these big beauties before. (here it is , not quite as big as this one). Well it seems that this one has an extra two flavours of soft cream. The flavours from the bottom to the tap are (read full article)

Chocolate, Green Tea Ice Cream, Six Flavour Japanese Ice Cream, Soft serve, soft cream

Jan 23

Wonderful World Of Japanese Ice Cream

A Japanese cafe with a huge, huge range of soft serve ice cream. The flavours? Try vanilla, blueberry, vanilla & green tea, banana, caramel, Hokkaido melon, mikan orange peel, vanilla & chocolate, vanilla & strawberry, chestnut, black ses (read full article)

Chocolate, Soft serve, black sesame, black sesame ice cream, chestnut, citrus, soft cream, sweet potato, tofu, vanilla

Jan 05

McDonalds Japanese McFlurry Ice Cream

Here are a couple of photos from a Japanese McDonalds. I haven’t seen the double sized Mega Big Mac back at home but it looks like it would be good. The McFlurry was good, just like the Oreo ones back home except this one on special also had caram (read full article)

Chocolate, japanese ice cream, soft cream

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