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This blog is all about the great range of Ice Cream in Japan including ice cream recipes to make at home. Ever wanted to make Ice Cream Mochi? I'll show you how!

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Apr 21

Japanese ice cream vending machine just like an arcade game

Have a look at this cool Japanese ice cream vending machine. Isn’t it so cool, it is just like one of those arcade games where the grabbing arm tries to pick up the prize. And what a prize – yummo ice cream. ----------------------------------- (read full article)

Japan, ice cream, icecream, icecream vending machine, japanese ice cream

Sep 01

Three, no Four flavours of Japanese Ice Cream

Yes, I know there are four ice cream containers but I can not remember what the 4th one was. Any way the three Japanese ice cream flavours are Melon Ice Cream, Cheese Ice Cream, Dark Sugar Ice Cream. Hang on I do know the flavour of the fourth Japan (read full article)

Ice-cream, cheese, cheese ice cream, cream, dark sugar ice cream, ice cream recipes, icecream, japanese ice cream, melon ice cream, vanilla

Apr 12

How To Make Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

I have finally got around to having instructions on How To Make Japanese Mochi Ice Cream At Home. It is really simple, any one can make this classic Japanese Ice Cream dessert, just follow this step by step recipe. Everyone loves delicious mochi, ri (read full article)

Ice-cream, Mochi, ice cream recipes, icecream, japanese ice cream, recipe

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