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This blog is all about the great range of Ice Cream in Japan including ice cream recipes to make at home. Ever wanted to make Ice Cream Mochi? I'll show you how!

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Apr 06

Japanese Jersey Milk Ice-Cream Recipe

Continuing from the Jersey milk Monaka bar article, here is a great recipe to make your own super rich, creamy Japanese Jersey Milk ice-cream. It has a lovely not too strong vanilla flavour with nice vanilla specs throughout the ice cream. Very gourm (read full article)

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Apr 03

Japanese Jersey Milk Monaka Bar Ice Cream

There are many milk flavour ice creams in Japan. I'm never sure what they are supposed to taste like, possibly vanilla plus I know through the colour was that it was vanilla. This Jersey Milk Monaka bar is one of the best probably because Jersey milk (read full article)

japanese ice cream, jersey milk, milk ice cream, monaka, vanilla, vanilla ice cream

Mar 24

Japanese Fish Ice Cream Wafer

I had this Japanese Fish shaped ice-cream the other day. Its a delicate crunchy wafer molded in a fish profile. Now being Japanese it could actually be fish ice cream but it is not. Inside is white vanilla icecream along with a layer of adzuki beans (read full article)

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