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This blog is all about the great range of Ice Cream in Japan including ice cream recipes to make at home. Ever wanted to make Ice Cream Mochi? I'll show you how!

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Apr 13

Four Flavours of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Another Japanese soft cream cone. I guess nothing was really special about this Japanese ice cream apart from it looking so nice – it was just like any other soft serve ice cream. Nice ice cream flavours – Vanilla, Peach, Cherry Blossom and Green (read full article)

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Apr 03

Japanese Jersey Milk Monaka Bar Ice Cream

There are many milk flavour ice creams in Japan. I'm never sure what they are supposed to taste like, possibly vanilla plus I know through the colour was that it was vanilla. This Jersey Milk Monaka bar is one of the best probably because Jersey milk (read full article)

japanese ice cream, jersey milk, milk ice cream, monaka, vanilla, vanilla ice cream

Mar 30

Japanese red bean, vanilla soy, green tea ice cream

An amazing looking ice cream in our local Japanese restaurant. All of us chose to have the special ice-cream dessert, that  is literally a triple-decker ice cream dish that kind of appears to be like akin to a volcano or a multi-coloured X-mas t (read full article)

Green Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream, Vanilla Soya Bean Ice Cream, ice cream, ice cream recipes, japanese ice cream, red bean, vanilla, vanilla ice cream

Mar 24

Japanese Fish Ice Cream Wafer

I had this Japanese Fish shaped ice-cream the other day. Its a delicate crunchy wafer molded in a fish profile. Now being Japanese it could actually be fish ice cream but it is not. Inside is white vanilla icecream along with a layer of adzuki beans (read full article)

fish ice cream, ice cream, japanese ice cream, monaka, red bean, vanilla, vanilla ice cream

Sep 01

Three, no Four flavours of Japanese Ice Cream

Yes, I know there are four ice cream containers but I can not remember what the 4th one was. Any way the three Japanese ice cream flavours are Melon Ice Cream, Cheese Ice Cream, Dark Sugar Ice Cream. Hang on I do know the flavour of the fourth Japan (read full article)

Ice-cream, cheese, cheese ice cream, cream, dark sugar ice cream, ice cream recipes, icecream, japanese ice cream, melon ice cream, vanilla

Jan 23

Wonderful World Of Japanese Ice Cream

A Japanese cafe with a huge, huge range of soft serve ice cream. The flavours? Try vanilla, blueberry, vanilla & green tea, banana, caramel, Hokkaido melon, mikan orange peel, vanilla & chocolate, vanilla & strawberry, chestnut, black ses (read full article)

Chocolate, Soft serve, black sesame, black sesame ice cream, chestnut, citrus, soft cream, sweet potato, tofu, vanilla

Dec 27

Portable Soft Serve Machine Japanese Style

This Japanese Ice Cream is like your own portable soft serve machine :) . As you can tell by the photo it is a little flexi bag thingy full of soft serve ice cream that you squeeze out into a bowl or cone .. or even just squeeze and suck it out if yo (read full article)

Soft serve, red bean, soft cream, vanilla

Dec 06

Green Tea Ice With Red Bean and Ice Cream Only In Japan

Nice looking Japanese ice cream dessert found at a little cafe. This delicious looking thing is green tea ice, topped with nice sweetened red beans and then on top of all that a good scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a bit of a strange concoction, I (read full article)

Green Tea, ice cream, japanese ice cream, matcha, red bean, vanilla

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