15 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes Your Kids Will Love

One of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to figure out great meal ideas your kids will love. Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. And, having more than one picky eater can make meal planning an impossible task. Luckily, we’re here to help!

We’ve scoured Half Hour Meals for the best dinner recipes that we’re sure your kids will love (or hopefully they’ll at least love some of them!). From unique dishes like tater tot nachos to classic kid-friendly meals like mac and cheese, we have great meal ideas that will hopefully help make weeknight meal planning easier for you!

If you’re looking for fun and easy dinner recipes your kids will love, consider these 15 awesome meal ideas below:

1. Pepperoni Hotdish

Invented by a kid, this recipe is 100 percent kid-approved. Pepperoni and pasta combine to make a mouth-watering meal that will satisfy meal-eaters of every age!

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  • khf

    are you trying to make your kids obese?

  • Andrea

    I have to agree, this recipes are not that healthy. There a far better choices out there and that kids like.

  • KindessPPL

    Wow people… kindness goes a long way… everything in moderation. The ideas for meal plans are just that… make them fit your lifestyle and if you dont agree with the ideas that much then dont do them.

  • cc

    are you people for real ?? these recipes are simply for people like myself who have children that just will not eat anything you try to serve them.. yer there might be better ways but when your child is on the edge of getting pretty sick coz they wont eat then you try doing many different things to get them to eat.. and still then most of these meals are not actually that bad when it comes to fattening.. some people really need to think before they say stuff sometimes