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Chocolate Semifredo

Chocolate Semifredo


  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Serves: 4


This is an amazing dessert. It really fixes a chocolate craving.


1 Cup (tea) sugar

1/2 cup (tea) water

180 G of chopped bitter sweet chocolate

8 big yolks

400 Ml of cream of fresh milk

¼ Cup (tea) cocoa liquor

100 G of chopped nuts


In a saucepan, put 1/2 cup of sugar and ½ cup of water. Cook in medium heat, always mixing, until boil. Stopped mixing and allow boil during approximately 2 minutes. Retire of the heat. Add the chopped chocolate dive until melts completely. Join at last the yolks. Return to the fire in bain - marie and cook, mixing vigorously until this with consistency of cream Retires of the heat and takes to the blender in medium speed until cooled. Add the cocoa liquor and 100 g of chopped nuts. In another blender jar, put 400 ml of cream of fresh milk with and ½ cup of sugar until it forms Chantilly .Mix the two creams and take to the freezer

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