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Cream of Beetroot soup

Cream of Beetroot soup


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Here's a dead simple recipe with just three ingredients: beets, tofu and sage.


1 large beet
4 sage leaves
50-75 grams silken tofu or soy milk


Chop up the beets and the sage roughly.
Blitz the beetroot, sage, along with some water, in a blender till it its a puree. Set aside.
In a clean blender, add the tofu cubes and blitz till its the consistency of cream or curd. Add some water if needed.
In a bowl, combine the two. I added the two in layers - a tablespoon of beets and then a tablespoon of tofu cream.
Serve chilled.

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star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onTheresa111 says:

A very pretty and healthy way to eat.

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