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Dad's Bruschetta

Dad's Bruschetta


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This is my Dad's recipe for bruschetta bread, which is a classic recipe that you'll love for appetizers, a snack or for sharing at a party. The key is in the type of tomato and bread that you use for this -- you'll be pleased with the results!


Chop room temperature tomatoes. Combine olive oil with basil, salt and pepper. Combine all ingredients except cheese and let stand or microwave (briefly) to blend flavours. Add cheese and let stand until ready to heat. Cut bread or buns into serving size pieces and toast top side of bread or bun in oven. Buttering before toasting is optional. Once bread or buns are lightly toasted remove from oven and spread tomato mixture on bread or buns then return to oven. Heat bruschetta in oven until ready to serve. Do not cook or over heat.(300 degrees f) The tomato mixture also makes a great pasta sauce by cooking in sauce pan with bay leaf and mashing once cooked. Ingredients for seasoning single portion will vary to taste. For each small Roma tomato(single serving) use 1/2 tablespoon basil and same amount of cheese, plus 1 tablespoon of olive oil (approximate). Add garlic and salt and pepper to taste. Too much garlic can overpower the mixture. For larger quantities multiply single serving ingredients. Have fun and enjoy the results.

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star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onTheresa111 says:

Bruschetta is a fabulous party breaker. Serve cocktails and then pass around this appetizer to tease the palate. I like the pure ingredients you Dad chose. A delicious combination.

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