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Organic Gelato (Made in An Ice Cream Machine)

Gelato differs from ice cream in a few different ways. It's lower in fat since its milk to heavy cream ratio is higher. It's lower in sugar. It's taste is richer and texture is creamier. And it's served at a higher temperature. Gelato experts might argue that the experience is also different because it's blended at a slower rate than that employed by an ice cream maker - but you CAN make gelato in a regular ice cream maker. Ultimately, and in my humble opinion, it's just plain better than ice cream. And after a nine day trip this past summer to northern Italy, my kids agree. Here's a great recipe for a gelato base. To this, you would add whatever flavorings you like - chocolate, fruit, spices, extracts, etc. My kids love to help with this part (see recipes for specific flavors, below). This recipe will make two batches (7 half-cup servings each) - so you can make one batch tonight, refreeze your freezer drum, then make another batch tomorrow. Enjoy!

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