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My love for pasta started so 3-4 years back. Althought the first I tried it in a resturant i didnt like it much , then I decided to try making it and since then my love for Pasta is going strong .
Since then I have experimented with Pasta and they have been quite liked by my friends and my parents. This time when my parents came to visit me my dad so sweetly said "You make that tube type something with cheese and tomato , I want to have that again" I felt it so sweet when I made the Pasta for him , I loved to see the way he was having it just like a kid .
As for this recipe....I had decided to make a cheese free pasta . So upon recking my brain for some time I suddenly remember the menu item I had seen in my fav restaurant , although I don't actually know how they make it but I was determined to try it . So this dish was created .


2 numbers eggs
3 cups penne pasta
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon flour
2 bunches cilantro
3 cloves garlic
1 number tomato
1 number onion
1 number red bell pepper
1 tablespoon Red Chilly flakes
2 tablespoons Oil
As per taste salt


1. Cut into dices the onion, tomato , red bell pepper.
2. Make a paste of cilantro and garlic into a smooth paste (It will a little watery but its fine)
3. Boil the pasta with some salt and little oil (Seasoning the pasta while boiling is very important. And adding oil prevents the pasta from sticking to one another).
4. When the pasta is cooked remove it on a big bowl that can be used for baking as well.
5. Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan , and softy break the eggs on to the pan in such a way that the yolks are not disturbed. Add a pinch of salt on top of it and slightly fry it from both sides and remove it on a plate.
6. Heat oil in the pan , and add the onion when it turns translucent and the diced pepper and salt and fry when done add the tomatoes and fry .
7. To the pan add the flour and stirring constantly add the milk see that it doesn't form lump.
8. When the sauce is slightly cooked add the cilantro paste and cook it for another 5 min .
9. Pour the sauce on the pasta and add red chilly flakes and mix everything properly and bake for 2 min.

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star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onHUD19 says:

Yumm! Definitely want to try jt


star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onTheresa111 says:

Looks incredibly tasty and a side dish that would brighten up any meal!


star_onstar_onstar_offstar_offstar_offMom_Momina says:

yummy!! i will surely try it :)

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