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Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs


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This came about because I got bored with regular eggs. After watching the Iron Chef Turkey battle (They mae turkey eggs covered in turkey sausage) I decided I would play with this idea. As I had no regular bread crumbs (just seasoned) I decided to use seasoned flour instead. It helps to pat out your sausage out into really thin patties and place the egg in the middle. Then wrap it around and roll into a ball. My hubby said I looked like I enjoyed playing with my food. This step brings you bak to grade school and playdough time. I then carefully placed them in hot oil (enough to cover the whole egg). Next time I am grating some cheese and adding it to the sausage and mix it together before making patties.


4 boiled peeled eggs
1/2 lb Sausage
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
to taste salt, chili powder, and pepper


I took my peeled eggs and dipped them into the flour. I then took a sausage patty and wrapped it around the eggs. (The amount will vary depending on your taste and egg size). I then added salt, pepper and chili powder (optional) to the flour and dusted the sausage covered egg again. I then placed the egg into the deep fryer for about 4 minuets or until the sausage is brown and crispy on the outside. (This will happen due to the flour). I let cool slightly and served.

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I'm defenitly trying this out tonight!

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