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Tater Tots Casserole with Cheddar Cheese

Tater Tots Casserole with Cheddar Cheese


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This is a fun dish that is easy to assemble and makes for a hearty meal for a family. It is a very interesting way of serving tater tots (or fried potato rounds), which everyone loves. Feel free to remove the cheese from this dish -- it works with or without it. Enjoy!


- Brown your ground beef and onion in a saucepan. Add salt & pepper to taste, if you wish. Combine the frozen peas and can of soup once the beef is browned to your liking.

- Preheat your oven to 375 F

- Spread the browned ground beef, soup and pea mixture in a casserole dish.

- Place a layer of cheddar cheese on top, then place tater tots evenly across the top. The entire top of the dish should be covered by the tater tots before it goes in the oven.

- Bake for 1 hour, checking after 30 minutes. If you find the dish is getting too brown, turn the oven down to 350 F and watch closely through the remainder of the cooking process.

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star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onTheresa111 says:

Yummy! I never thought of this and I will be sure to bake some in my oven! I might even prepare individual portions in ramekins, bake a few and wrap and freeze the remainder, for fast future use. Like little pot pies. Nice!


star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_offBonesBusiness says:

Its a fast and easy delicious meal. And it soo easy to add your own touches>


star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_onRileywilson620 says:

it was easy to make and really good.

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