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The King of Steaks

The rib steak is called the King of Steaks for very good reason. A rib steak with the bone-in has just the right amount of marbling (fatty streaks throughout the meat) to keep it juicy and full-flavored from the grill to your plate. It's from the short loin next to the rib so it's also a very tender cut of meat. Ask your butcher to cut you a rib steak (bone-in) at least 1" thick. A very light rub with olive oil, crushed black pepper and kosher salt and it's ready for the grill. Here's a couple tips, - for a medium-rare steak (pink in the center) you'll want the grill at least 600F and you'll only be grilling for 8 minutes total. - you'll flip the steak only once. - never cut into a steak (or any meat for that matter) to see if it's done, all you're doing is releasing it's juices into the grill. Use an instant read meat thermometer instead and remove the meat when it reads 125F. It will raise another 5F while "resting" off the grill. Once you get a feel for your grill you'll be able to cook a perfect rib steak medium-rare everytime without a thermometer and just using the "2-minute, 2-minute, 2-minute, 2-minute" trick below. See how easy this is? Let's get grilling... Visit me at for step-by-step photo instructions for this recipe and other great BBQ & Grilling recipes.

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