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Salad of Lost Jewels with Sweet Chili Dressing

Salad of Lost Jewels with Sweet Chili Dressing

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This is a very simple recipe that I put together for a light lunch. It's fast and easy -- all you need to do is just takes whatever veggies what you have in your fridge or pantry and whip up some dressing. Putting together this salad probably took no more than 10 minutes. The dressing is slightly sweet, balanced out with a splash of fish sauce and lemon juice. Quite refreshing and has a slight hint of Thai flavour. I highly recommend adding in cilantro; it really greatly boosts the flavour! Here's a link on how to open pomegranate -- http://www.veggiebelly.com/2009/10/open-pomegranate.html.

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    Theresa111 wrote:

    We want to see more of your recipes, please, on your recipe page. Fill it up! Happy New Year!


    angelhair wrote:

    Thanks everyone for your welcome!

    I'm so thrilled to be a part of HHM and I hope you all like my salad!

    Here's the link for how to open pomegranate -- www.veggiebelly.com/2009/10/op...


    Theresa111 wrote:

    This is fabulous news. We'll be seeing you soon. Your salad is an automatic hit! Yay


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Can you please add the link right in you shout box, so everyone can see it and we will all know how to open the pomegranate.


    Penny wrote:

    Welcome to HHM! I look forward to trying your recipes and chatting with you in Community. That salad looks too beautiful to eat!

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