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New York

about me:

30 year old Foodie / DJ / Entrepreneur / blogger living in NY. See www.cheftomcooks.com or www.kindrecordings.com or www.20cookbooks.com

favorite foods:

spicy, Italian, Spanish, chicken, cheese, gyros, zucchini

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

star_onstar_onstar_onstar_onstar_on Comments (2)

I hope you enjoy it. The next night I took the leftovers and chopped it up and fried it in a pan. Was a great 2nd meal.

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    Theresa111 wrote:

    I have also been busy, which is great. would love for us to talk about ebooks and cookbooks. Let me know when we can get together on this next week. I have a family matter I need to attend before the weekend. Always good to see you Tom!


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Where the heck have you been hiding? I said HBDay on FB. What have you been doing with yourself? How is your girlfriend? Any new e-cookbooks lately? Miss you Chef Tom.


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Hello Chef Tom. How are you doing these days?


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Finally! Your recipe is up. Looks good, too. They are still having some technical difficulties, hopefully the photos will be returned soon.


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Hey Chef Tom www.halfhourmeals.com/food-for...

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