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about me:

I love food but sometimes my love for it makes me fat. I have a love-hate relationship with pasta, salmon, sushi and the like ;D

Diet Pasta Salad

Diet Pasta Salad

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Okay so I'm on diet and it sucks because I've been depriving myself of pasta. Bad times. Well, I've come up with a light & healthy pasta salad that you guys can try if u need to lose a few pounds and not give up pasta meheh. If you want a richer flavour, you can swap the grape tomatoes with the sun dried ones from the can. Oh and before I end this recipe, I would like to bitch about how bloody expensive capers are in my country. 10 fricking bucks for a really tiny bottle!

Shimeji Mushrooms on Toast

Shimeji Mushrooms on Toast

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The mushrooms grow together in one massive orgy of stalks and roots which kinda resemble a tiny planet so separate each one of them by chopping the stalks. Goodbye shroom planet!

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