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Broiled Fish

Broiled Fish

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This is my favorite broiled fish, it was stuffed with onions, ginger, garlic and tomato. Milk fish for me is the best, but any med-size fleshy fish of your choice would be good to broil.

Arroz ala Filipina

Arroz ala Filipina

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This recipe is a spin-off from the many Spanish rice dishes. A Filipino-style Arroz de Valenciana.

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    aldentegourmet wrote:

    Hi Josie,Thanks for your comment, Cheers


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Wow! What does jackfruit taste like? It looked like bananas and pineapple and peaches, with spaghetti thrown in. I have never seen anything like it before! How interesting!


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Josie, You have beautiful children and such luscious food. Please consider adding some of your recipes here.


    Theresa111 wrote:


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Please add recipes, rolls, sorbets, and a few others I saw. they look really good, and members will try your recipes from the recipes page and then discover your blog, too. Please join in the community discussions. Welcome to Half Hour Meals.

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