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about me:

I am married to a wonderful husband and am a mom of 4 beautiful kids.
I love to cook, I mostly cook a lot of what my mom taught me.
It is a bit hard for me to write her recipes with measurements, because she never used to measure the ingredients, everything she used to cook was by eye and that's the way she taught me. So now that I want to post her recipes, when I cook I try to measure them and then taste it to see if it will taste just like it, and so far I have succeeded to make it taste the same as hers.
I have a website and a blog

I also have a fan page on facebook

favorite foods:

My mom's baked ziti.



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I have dedicated this website to my beloved mom, I have posted some of her recipes in her memory.

LinKev's Kitchen


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This blog is for sharing your recipes. They will be posted with the photo but linked to your blog.It also has my mom's recipes and my own recipes

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