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SW Florida

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    Theresa111 wrote:

    Why not add in one recipe here and there. Before you know it Kathy, you will have a page full of your favorite dishes. Our members love trying new things and it is very cool to say, hey, I'm preparing Kathy's recipe for mac and cheese tonight. Pretty Cool Eh? Fabulous weekend.


    Theresa111 wrote:

    We want to see your recipes. Add a few and they will be up before you know it. Then they will be spotlighted on the home page. Cool!


    Theresa111 wrote:

    I haven't seen your smiling face for a few months. How have you been?


    Theresa111 wrote:

    Hello RedKathy! www.halfhourmeals.com/food-for...


    isohungry wrote:

    HI and Welcome..

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